The Department of Turkish Music aims to educate generations who contributes to the development and recognition of Turksih Music while making efforts to convey these values to future, as its goal and principle. In this context, its main objective is to make research on historical development and culture, and to produce work in light of the scientific and cultural facts from past to present.

The program aims, students to be trained in theory, practice, paleography, terminology of historical Turkish music, knowledge of form and method, together with education of foundation instruments of Turkish music, model (meşk) culture, sociology of music, dictation-decipher, composition analysis and organology within a balanced curriculum distribution.  The courses, such as, using research techniques, music history, deciphering of Ottoman music source, lyrics analysis, notation, execution and analysis of compositional techniques, are planned to be mainly delivered within the Programme. Turkish Music Department aims to raise contemporary and examiner graduates of Turkish music by its comprehension of practical application and research project culture alongside the theory.